Productions and Events Nailsea Little Theatre

Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn

November 2000

Cast: Ginny Watts, Richard Guy, Paul Drake, Graham Wild, Fred Kelly, Catherine Dufour. Directed by Robin Richards

After September by Jimmy Chinn

May 2000

Cast: Richard Guy, Jo-Anne Vasey, Jose Tarnowski, Wendy Newton, Catherine Dufour, Jane Merryweather, Angela Reynolds, Vicki Hyde, Ginny Watts, Kathie Reynolds, Connie Walker. Directed by Joan Tyson

The Sleeping Beauty by John Morley

January 2000

Directed by Graham Tyson

Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn

October 1999

Cast: Robin Richards, Richard Guy, Connie Walker, Catherine Dufour, Terry Emm, Jose Tarnowski. Directed by Fred Kelly

A Letter from the General by Maurice Mcloughlin

May 1999

Cast: Connie Walker, Vicki Hyde, Liz Graham, Kathie Reynolds, Sandy Taylor, Robin Richards, Jo Woollatt, Terry Emm, Fred Kelly. Directed by Joan Tyson

Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon

February 1999

Cast: Jo-Anne Vasey, Richard Guy, Peter Britton, Ian Merryweather, Joan Tyson, Graham Wild. Directed by Graham Tyson

Dead Man's Hand by Seymour Matthews

Autumn 1998

Cast: Jo Woollatt, Robin Richards, Jo-Anne Vasey, Fred Kelly, Liz Graham. Directed by Joan Tyson

Sailor Beware by Philip King and Falkland Cary

Spring 1998

Cast: Joan Tyson, Kathie Reynolds, Connie Walker, Terry Emm, Paul Drake, Richard Guy, Jo Woollatt, Roo Norton, Robin Richards. Directed by Graham Tyson

Jack and the Beanstalk by John Morley

January 1998

Directed by Graham Tyson

Suddenly at Home

Autumn 1997

By Francis Durbridge

The Happiest Days of your Life by John Dighton

April 1997

Cast: Robin Richards, Keith Pring, Terry Emm, Graham Wild, Joan Tyson, Jane Merryweather, Christopher Cox, Roo Norton, Elaine Hall, Pete Britton, Wendy Newton, Graham Tyson, Kathie Reynolds. Directed by Graham Tyson

Living Together

February 1997

By Alan Ayckbourn

Dancing at Lughnasa by Brain Friel

October 1996

Cast: Ian Merryweather, Elaine Hall, Vicki Hyde, Ginny Watts, Connie Walker, Joan Tyson, Terry Emm, Graham Bartlett. Directed by Graham Tyson


Spring 1996

Harold Pinter

Aladdin by John Morley

January 1996

Directed by Graham Tyson

The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan

October 1995

Cast: Paul Drake, Jane Merryweather, Graham Wild, Edward Bickerstaffe, Richard Guy, Sharon Gascoigne, Connie Walker, Elaine Hall, Andrea Goodchild, Michael Goodchild. Directed by Graham Tyson

Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring

April 1995

Cast: Joan Tyson, Alan Jones, Terry Emm, Richard Guy, Vicki Hyde, Connie Walker, Andrea Goodchild, Ian Merryweather, David Newton, Graham Wild, Paul Drake, Graham Tyson, Martyn Quigley, Peter Britton. Directed by Michael Goodchild

When we are Married by JB Priestley

February 1995

Cast: Jane Merryweather, Richard Guy, Wendy Newton, Elaine Hall, Paul Drake, Michael Goodchild, Graham Tyson, Connie Walker, Ken Waddell, Hazel Britton, Terry Emm, Kathie Reynolds, Andre Goodchild, Peter Britton. Dorected by Jaon Tyson

How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn

October 1994

Cast: Graham Wild, Joan Tyson, Ian Merryweather, Elaine Hall, Robin Richards, Connie Walker. Directed by Graham Tyson

Party Piece by Richard Harris

April 1994

Cast: Robin Richards, Connie Walker, Kathie Reynolds, Michael Goodchild, Anne Richards, Graham Tyson, Jane Merryweather. Directed by Jaon Tyson

Dick Whittington by John Morley

January 1994

Directed by Graham Tyson

My Three Angels by Sam and Bella Spewack

October 1993

Cast; Connie Walker, Alan Jones, Kathie Reynolds, Michelle Hall, Terry Emm, Graham Bartlett, Graham Wild, Graham Tyson, Robin Richards, Paul Drake. Directed by Michael Goodchild

California Suite by Neil Simon

April 1993

Cast: Joyce Knight, Fred Kelly, Michael Goodchild, Anne Richards, Joan Tyson, Graham Wild, Shirley Gregory, Neville Pinfield, Connie Walker, Robin Richards. Directed by Elaine Stewart

Trap for a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas

January 1993

Cast: Alex Wren, Neville Pinfield, Terry Emm, Hazel Britton, Graham Tyson, Wendy Newton, Pete Britton. Directed by Joan Tyson

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling

October 1992

cast: Shirley Gregory, Wendy Gibbons, Connie Walker, Jo-Anne Vasey, Jaon Tyson, Elaine Stewart. Directed by Graham Tyson

Three One Act Plays

July 1992

Green Forms By Alan Bennett: Cast Joan Tyson, jane Merryweather, Alex Wren,Peter Britton. Directed by Graham Tyson.

*Between Mouthfuls* By Alan Ayckbourn. Cast: Ian Merryweather, Graham Wild, Joyce Knight, Robin Richards, Jo-Anne Vasey. Directed by Alex Wren.

Gosforth’s Fete by Alan Ayckbourn. Cast: Anne Richards, Hazel Britton, Neville Pinfield, Gramham Bartlett, Terry Emm. Directed by Ian Merryweather.

Time and the Conways by JB Priestley

April 1992

Cast: Joan Tyson, Terry Emm, Elaine Stewart, Robin Richards, Jo-Anne Vasey, Joanne Cox, Chloe Stewart, Wndy Gibbons, Fred Kelly, Graham Wild. Directed by Neville Pinfield.

Sinbad the Sailor by John Morley

January 1992

Directed by Graham Tyson

The Fifteen Streets adapted by Rob Bettinson

October 1991

Cast: Ian Merryweather, Alex Wren, Joan Tyson, Neville Pinfield, Rosie Quinn, Nicola Thompson, Leo Stewart, Jo-Anne Vasey, Graham Wild, Elaine Stewart, Michael Goodchild, Leah Nicholls, Edward Bickerstaffe, Connie Walker, Fred Kelly, Chloe Stewart, Kathie Reynolds, Joyce Knight, Alan Jones, Terry Emm, Claire Easter, Denis Bagshawe, Keith Pring, Barrie Walker, Kylie Smith, Mattthew Chisholm, Louise Fry, Sharon Gascoigne, Sophie Green, Michelle Hall, James Mather, Bethan Parker, Jonathan Parker, Angela Reynolds, Richard Waller. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Constance Cox

April 1991

Cast: Graham Tyson, Robin Richards, Jane Merryweather, Graham Wild, Hazel Britton, Wendy Newton, Elaine Stewart, Fred Kelly, Connie Walker, Alex Wren. Directed by Joan Tyson

Beyon Reasonable Doubt by Jeffrey Archer

January 1991

Cast: Ian Merryweather, Peter Britton, Neville Pinfield, Graham Tyson, Alex Wren, Fred Kelly, David Pinfield, Joyce Knight, Alan Jones, Graham Wild, Martin Collett, Robin Richards, Connie Walker, Elaine Stewart. Directed by Neville Pinfield