Productions and Events Nailsea Little Theatre

A Foot in the Door by Richard Harris

18th - 23rd October 2010

Cast: Elaine Stewart, Robin Richards, Terry Emm, Tom Henry, Sarah Wilkinson, Julie Lawrence. Directed by Connie Walker.

Moving by Stanley Price

24th - 29th May 2010

Cast: Connie Walker, Bob Beale, Chris Cook, Elaine Stewart, Terry Emm, Pat Kelly, Margaret Hobbs, Fred Kelly, Alic Cozza, Robin Richards, Bob Beale. Directed by Robin Richards.

Enjoy by Alan Bennett

8th - 13th February 2010

Cast: Bob Beale, Pat Kelly, Peter Edwards, Julie Lawrence, Robin Richards, Adam Weavers, Ryan Daly, Brenda Vowles, Fred Kelly, Terry Emm, Nigel Guy, Julie Wade. Directed by Fred Kelly.

Summer End by Eric Chappell

19th -24th October 2009

Cast: Elaine Stewart, Ginny Watts, Jose Tarnowski, Robin Richards, Angela Reynolds. Directed by Connie Walker.

The Chiltern Hundreds by William Douglas Home

11th - 16th May 2009

Cast: Robin Richards, Brenda Vowles, Julie Lawrence, Bronya Manley, Bob Beale, Hal Merryweather, Elaine Stewart, Chris Cook, Graham Tyson. Directed by Fred Kelly.

Things we do for love by Alan Ayckbourn

9th - 14 February 2009

Cast: Jose Tarnowski, Margaret Hobbs, Ian Merryweather, Terry Emm. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Two Weddings and a Funeral

13th -18th October 2008

Three one act plays.

A Respectable Funeral by Jimmie Chinn. Cast: Ginny Watts, Pat Kelly, Jane Merryweather, Fred Kelly.

Who’s Wedding is it Anyway by Margaret Bower. Cast: Vicki Hyde, Julie Lawrence, Bronya Manley, Shirley Gregory, Elaine Stewart.

A present for a Lady by Philip Johnson. Cast Ginny Watts, Brenda Vowels, Elaine Stewart, Bronya Manley, Vicki Hyde.
Directed by Elaine Stewart.

Let's Pretend by Vanessa Brooks

12th- 17th May 2008

Cast: Charlotte Dempsey, Kathie Reynolds, Chris Cook, Robin Richards, Elaine Stewart, Julie Lawrence, Terry Emm, Jane Merryweather, Hal Merryweather. Directed by Vicki Hyde.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

4th - 9th February 2008

Cast: Elaine Stewart, Phil Lawrence, Angela Reynolds, Simon Haines. Directed by Fred Kelly.

Intimate Exchanges by Alan Ayckbourn

8th - 13th October 2007

Cast: Chris Cook, Ginny Watts, Bob Beale, Connie Walker. Directed by Elaine Stewart.

Third Week In August by Peter Gordon

7th - 12th May 2007

Cast: Jose Tarnowski, Fred Kelly, Connie Walker, Sandra Pollard, Richard Guy, Bronya Manley. Director Joan Tyson.

The Late Edwina Black by William Dinner and William Morum

5th - 10th February 2007

Cast: Sandra Pollard, Jose Tarnowski, Chris Cook, Ian Merryweather. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Office Suite by Alan Bennett

16th - 21st October 2006

A Visit from Miss Prothero. Cast: Chris Cook, Connie Walker. Directed by Elaine Stewart.

Talking Heads. Cast: Ginny Watts. Directed by Elaine Stewart. 

Green Forms. Cast: Vicki Hyde, Margaret Stirratt, Terry Emm, Elaine Stewart. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Breath of Spring by Peter Coke

8th - 13th May 2006

Cast: Jose Tarnowski, Graham Wild, Margaret Stirratt, Sandra Pollard, Ginny Watts, Connie Walker, Terry Emm. Directed by Joan Tyson.

Ladies who Lunch by Tudor Gates

6th - 11th February 2006

Cast: Chris Cooke, Connie Walker, Nichola Guy, Sandra Pollard, Richard Guy, Bronya Manley, Shirley Gregory, Fred Kelly, Elaine Stewart, Pat Kelly, Ginny Watts, Robin Richards. Directed by Robin Richards.

Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn

7th - 12th November 2005

Cast: Graham Wild, Joan Tyson, Robin Richards, Ginny Watts, Phil Lawrence, Julie Lawrence, Terry Emm, Jose Tarnowski. Directed by Graham Tyson.

All My Sons by Arthur Miller

9th - 14th May 2005

Cast: Bob Beale, Elaine Stewart, Phil Lawrence, Angela Reynolds, Richard Guy, Robin Richards, Vicki Hyde, Terry Emm, Ginny Watts. Directed by Fred Kelly.

Dead Guilty by Richard Harris

7th - 12th February 2005

Cast: Julie Lawrence, Jenny Nicholls, Robin Richards, Kathie Reynolds, Fred Kelly. Directed by Robin Richards.

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

8th - 13th November 2004

Cast: Julie Lawrence, Ginny Watts, Graham Wild, Terry Emm, Shirley Gregory, Joan Tyson, Jose Tarnowski. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Spring and Port Wine by Bill Naughton

21st - 27th May 2004

Cast: Connie Walker, Jo-Anne Eaton, Vicki Hyde, Edward Bickerstaffe, Richard Guy, Julie Lawrence, Fred Kelly, Ian Merryweather. Directed by Joan Tyson.

Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn

2nd - 7th February 2004

Cast: Robin Richards, Connie Walker, Graham Wild, Joan Tyson, Phil Lawrence, Jose Tarnowski. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Under Milk Wood By Dylan Thomas

10th - 15th November 2003

Cast: Fred Kelly, Terry Emm, ian Merryweather, Phil Lawrence, Robin Richards, Paul Drake, John Ronayne, Graham Wilde, Ginny Watts, Vicki Hyde, Jenny Nicholls, Connie Walker, sandra Pollard, Angela Reynolds. 

Directed by Michael Goodchild.

The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchel

12th - 17th May 2003

Cast: Joan Tyson, Jose Tarnowski, Connie Walker, Michael Goodchild, Shirley Gregory. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett

3rd - 9th Febuary 2003

Cast:Graham Wild, Vicki Hyde, Chris Eastwood, Jose Tarnowski, Connie Walker, Paul Drake, Jo-Anne Vasey, Julie Lawrence, Terry Emm, Robin Richards, Fred Kelly. Directed by Fred Kelly.

Crown Matrimonial by Royce Ryton

9th - 16th November 2002

Cast: Ginny Watts, Joan Tyson, Shirley Gregory, Graham Wild, Robin Richards, Jose Tarnowski, Connie Walker, Ian Merryweather, Julie Lawrence, Paul Drake. Directed by Graham Tyson.

Day of Reckoning by Pam Valentine

11th - 18th May 2002

Cast: Connie Walker, Angela Reynolds, Kathie Reynolds, Jane Merryweather, Ginny Watts, Hazel Britton, Jose Tarnowski, Robin Richards. Directed by Joan Tyson.

Mother Goose by John Morley

12th - 19th January 2002

Cast: Ian Merryweather, Penelope Ellis, Lauren Gregory, Terry Emm, Paul Drake, Richard Guy, Peter Britton, Chris Eastwood, Fred Kelly, Angela Reynolds, Robert Kelly, Vicki Hyde, Kathie Reynolds, Lysa Nelson, Leanne Hibberd, Lauren Micciche, Kirsty Patch, Sophie Robins, Sarah Wyatt. Directed by Graham Tyson.

The Secretary Bird by William Douglas Home

October 2001

Cast: Graham Wild, Jose Tarnowski, Connie Walker, Angela Reynolds, Terry Emm. Directed by Robin Richards.

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

May 2001

Cast: Fred Kelly, Paul Drake, Ian Merryweather, Joan Tyson, Catherine Dufour, Kathie Reynolds, Penelope Ellis, Robin Richards, Richard Guy, Connie Walker. Directed by Graham Tyson.

The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

February 2001

Cast: Jo-Anne Vasey, Angela Reynolds, Jane Merryweather, Ginny Watts, Jose Tarnowski, Connie Walker, Terry Emm, Fred Kelly. Directed by Joan Tyson.